Delivering the top Philosophy & Ethics Days

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Academy Conferences runs the top Philosophy and Ethics days in the UK and Australasia. These intensive one-day programs of short lectures give senior students the opportunity to experience exceptional quality learning with expert lecturers.

Encouraging Deeper Thinking About Philosophical Questions

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Students are offered access to a range of opportunities that will complement, deepen and extend their learning in school. Academy Conferences offers the largest series of national conferences in Australia and the UK and has an established track record for stretching and exciting students.

The Learning Lab - Life, Death and Beyond class now available

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Academy Conferences are continuously creating online class content with a modern learning interface for accountable and assessable learning of philosophy and ethics curriculums. The Life, Death & Beyond class is now available for purchase.




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Leading From the Front

Aristotle, the teacher of Alexander the Great, wrote possibly the world’s first self-help book for happiness. At the beginning of the Academy headteacher’s .

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The Academy Conferences Masterclass for senior students

In ‘Hiding behind the screen’ philosopher Roger Scruton examines the effects of modern technology on ourselves and the way we relate to others.

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Big Ideas For Curious Minds

The opportunity to sit and listen to such a wide-ranging set of big ideas is valuable, and unique. Read Past Topics.

Australasia 2020 Programme

This study day offers a unique provision for academically gifted students. The aim of this study day is to help gifted students to improve their thinking skills, begin to be able to identify what is fundamental from what is trivial.

'No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness’

Attributed to Aristotle by Seneca

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