Thursday 19th November 2020 – Webinar Registration

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Academy Learning Lab
focus on skills for deep learning

Academy Conferences is pleased to invite you to participate in a Philosothon!

King’s College Taunton hosted the first UK Philosothons, inspired by the work of Matthew Wills, Perth, Australia and since then Philosothons have quickly gained momentum and national recognition. There are many schools now running successful Philosothons across all education sectors.

Learning Lab

Academy Learning’s Learning Lab focuses on skills for Deep Learning.

What is deep learning?

Vital skills required in a post-pandemic world.

Deep learning prepares students for the changes in society, life, and work. Our Learning Lab is designed specifically for the purpose of deeper learning, using pedagogical research and theory founded on the principles of Aristotle. The outcomes are knowledge, understanding, and an enquiring mind.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Mastery of Skills and Content

Connecting Different Subject Areas

A Growth Mindset and Continued Learning